Westworld VR [ Emmy Award Winner]

At HBO, our team created an interactive experience in VR of the show Westworld. It won the Emmy's for "Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media Within a Scripted Program (2017). I was responsible for creating Environment Concepts, as well as modeling and texturing Art assets. This scene represents the first act of the experience, where we had to match exactly this dressing room environment from the actual show. One of my responsibilities for this scene was to extract an accurate Architectural representation of the room from the show's screenshots. I did some modeling in this room to get an accurate Architectural duplicate of the one in the show. Patrick Loughman did additional modeling to the room and the texturing. I've also modeled and texture several props. Such the knives and rifles in the glass case. In addition to the furniture, lamps, table and msc items. Claire Hummel did the criss cross embroidery of the couch and I modeled the rest of it and textured it

Sherif habashi highresscreenshot00016 lores40

The final modeling of the room to reflect the show (see next image)

Sherif habashi dressing room lores

This is a screenshot from the actual Westworld show

Sherif habashi dressing room 2 lores

This is a screenshot from the actual Westworld show

Sherif habashi dressing room dimension lores40

Construction line showing my process extracting the show's room dimensions

Sherif habashi highresscreenshot00017 lores40

Some rifle and ammunition that I've modeled and textures

Sherif habashi goldrifle lores40

A closeup render of the rifle. That I've modeled and rendered

Sherif habashi wireframe

A render showing the wireframe

Sherif habashi highresscreenshot00019 lores40
Sherif habashi highresscreenshot00022 lores40
Sherif habashi couch 01 lores40
Sherif habashi couch maps