GOT | Viper vs Mountain Arena

At HBO, the scope of this project was to create a stylized VR experience of the famous "Mountain Vs Viper Fight" of Game Of Thrones. I was responsible in creating the Environment Concept and the creation of the 3D Environment as well. I started by extracting the design of the arena from the show's screenshots. I've reversed engineered a floor plan (see the last image). Then, I created a stylized environment concept of the arena and accordingly created a matching 3D Environment. I digitally hand painted all albedo maps for the environment. Characters design are by Claire Hummel.

Sherif habashi stylized arena2

Arena | I've painted the Concept (Left Image) & created the matching 3D Model (Right Image). The character is a concept by Claire Hummel

Sherif habashi viper arena details2

Arena | Closeup details

Sherif habashi viper 02 main wireframe level

Arena | Wire frame

Sherif habashi viper 02 main grey

Arena |Greayscale

Sherif habashi viper albedo maps

Painted Albedo maps

Sherif habashi sherif habashi stylized pose vignette 2 lores9

Arena | Fight Vignette that I've painted based on the Characters design Concepts by Claire Hummel

Sherif habashi sherif habashi floorplan viper vs mountain arena 3 lores12

I extracted and reverse engineered a floor plan of the arena