HBO Home Theater | A Google Daydream VR Experience (8 images)
At HBO we wanted to create an experience that would let you watch HBO contents in VR. This would give the viewer the feel of a theater experience. This is on Google Daydream
One of the theater Environments that we've created is a the feel of a Home Theater. I Art Directed this project and the goal was to create a very simple but elegant room, with no wall hangings. Just acoustic panels and architectural materials. I designed and modeled the Architecture of the room. I textured the Carpet and most of the wall space. Other texture work by Tanner Ellison and Patrick Loughman. Lighting by Patrick Loughman. The Chairs are modeled and textured by Jason Holt and Tanner Elllison.

Sherif habashi workingcam base 3l2 withscreen

HBO Home Theater | Lighting Condition during screening

Sherif habashi workingcam base 3

HBO Home Theater | Lighting Condition with no screening

Sherif habashi screen shot 2016 12 08 at 7 18 19 am

HBO Home Theater | Viewer's POV in VR

Sherif habashi workingcam base 2

HBO Home Theater |

Sherif habashi final11 10b

HBO Home Theater | Carpet Texture

Sherif habashi workingcam base 4

HBO Home Theater | Back wall

Sherif habashi capture 01
Sherif habashi capture 02