Organotron |A Robotic Musical Instrument (4 images)

A Robotic Musical instrument designed to make music from pounding on wine glasses. The device is made of six
different sizes of wine glass, each is supported on common bar. Attached to each glass is a pounding
mechanism made of solenoids operated electrically by a keyboard interface. When played, each glass is filled
with water, the glass could be tilted via a paddle that would allow the water to touch the surface of the glass at
different surface levels allowing changes in sound, and that's how music is created. A glass ball lights up whenever the corresponding glass is played.

Sherif habashi orgonatron 01b

Organotron - Actual Musical Instrument

Sherif habashi orgonatron 02

Details and Scale

Sherif habashi orgonatron 03

Cross Section

Sherif habashi orgonatron 04

Ideation Sketches