Angel Statue | Photogrammetry (5 images)

This is an R&D project to create a 3D Art Asset with Photogrammetry. I scanned and processed this asset from scanning and capturing the photo shoots to modeling and texturing. The environment is not my work, it is the Unity Project "Adam". I just borrowed it to give the statue some context and see how it reacts to the light, as the top image the statue is not delit, but the bottom image I've delit the albedo. I tried the Unity Delighting tool but it did not give me satisfactory results. So, I did manually in Lightroom and I thought it worked pretty well.

Sherif habashi 01 angelstatue lit 01

Angel Statue | Photogrammetry
Without Delighting the Albedo

Sherif habashi 02 angelstatur delit

Angel Statue | Photogrammetry
With Delighting

Sherif habashi angel statue albedo comparison

Angel Statue Albedo maps | The left map is the original Albedo extracted from the Photogrammetry shoot. The right map is the delit albedo map that I did in Lightroom. You can see it applied in the 2 image from the top, (above).

Sherif habashi t angelstatue normal height ao

Angel Statue | Normal - Height and Ambient Occlusion maps

Sherif habashi greyandshaded

Angel Statue | wireframe after decimating the original in ZBrush